Travel and accommodation

Practical information about the 10th Urban Studies Week at Lleida:

How to reach to Lleida:

- By plane:
Barcelona -  El Prat Airport: It is the main connection of Catalonia with the rest of world. The easiest way to get to Lleida is taking a taxi or train from the airport to Barcelona-Sants station. Here there is easy communication with Lleida (65 minutes with high speed Train).

Other airports can also get comfortable with Lleida, especially Lleida Airport (it is very close to the city but with few flights). Girona and Reus airports are also available for arrive to Lleida, those airports have abundant low-cost flight connections.

- By train:
The train is the fastest and easiest way to access to Lleida by public transport. The high speed train connects with Barcelona in just over an hour. The connection with Madrid takes 2 hours and 15 minutes. The railway also provides good links to the south and north of the Iberian Peninsula. You can check schedules and buy tickets on the RENFE website.


Public transport

Lleida is an ideal city to navigate on foot. However there are some campuses far from the city center. To access there it can be used buses that connect the different areas of the city.

For more information on mobility in Lleida and its area, consult the website of the Regional Mobility Authority.

Also the map of Lleida: Lleida map in pdf

Venue of the Urban Studies Week

The conference will be held at the University of Lleida, but in two different spaces (see map):

Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 September:

Hall of the Rectorate building, 1st Victor Siurana square, Lleida

Friday 17 September:

Hall of Building of Cultures and International Cooperation Center, 65 th Jaume II street, Lleida

Accommodation in Lleida

Here there is a selection of hotels with good value for money and situated in the centre of Lleida. More detailed information can be found on the website of Turisme de Lleida and description of the hotels in Lleida Convention Bureau.

Hotels in Lleida (prices are approximate)

Hotel NH Pirineos
63 rd Passeig de Ronda – 25006 Lleida
Phone: +34 973 273 199
Approximate Price (breakfast included):
Single room: 88 €
Double room: 100 €

Hotel AC Lleida
8th Unio Street, 8 – 25002 Lleida
Phone: +34 973 283 910
Approximate Price (breakfast included):
Single room: 86 €
Double room: 97 €

Hotel Zenit Lleida
21st General Brito Street – 25007 Lleida
Phone: +34 973 229 191
Approximate Price (breakfast included):
Single room: 91 €
Double room: 101 €

Hotel Real
22nd Blondel Avenue – 25002 Lleida
Tel. 973239405
Approximate Price (breakfast included):
Single room: 63 €
Double room: 72 €

Hotel Transit Catalonia
R. Berenguer IV Square – 25007 Lleida
Phone: +34 973 230 008
Approximate Price (breakfast included):
Single room: 63 €
Double room: 73 €

Hotel Sansi Park
Alcalde Porqueres Avenue, 25008 Lleida
Phone: +34 973 244 000
Approximate Price (breakfast not included): 45 €

Hotel Ñ Segrià
23rd Segon Passeig de Ronda – 25004 Lleida
Phone: +34 973 238 989
Approximate Price (breakfast included):
Single room: 42 €
Double room: 47 €

Hotel Ramon Berenguer IV
R. Berenguer IV Square – 25007 Lleida
Phone: +34 973 237 345
Approximate price:
Single room: 41 €
Double room: 45 €

Hotel Goya
9th Alcalde Costa Avenue – 25002 Lleida
Phone: +34 973 266 788

Hostal Mundial
4th San Joan Square – Lleida
Phone: +34 973 242 700