2010 Edition

Attached below, some of the presentations made during 9th Urban Studies Week (Pdf format).

Important Notice: All submissions are requests. If you wants to use, you must cite the source, the event and the authors.

Wednesday, 15 September
Creativity, economy and culture

John R. Gold (Professor of geography, Oxford Brookes University) and Margaret M. Gold (Professor of Art and Heritage Management London Metropolitan University)
Commerce, transgression and urban culture: interrogating the experience of carnival

Lluís Bonet (Lecturer in Economics, Universitat de Barcelona)
Local competitiveness and governmental support: cross strategies
to boost creative industries

Nick Crosson (Director of Research, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance)
Politics and pragmatics: Economic and populist arguments in cultural advocacy in U.S. cities

Montserrat Pareja (Lecturer in Economics, Universitat de Barcelona)
Ciutats creatives a Europa: quins són els factors clau en la seva construcció?

Thursday, 16 September
What creativity for intermediate cities and territories?

Chris Gibbon (Consultant, BOP Consulting, Londres)
The creative economy beyond the city centre: a British perspective

Joan Ganau (Professor of geography, Universitat de Lleida) and Daniel Paül (Professor of geography, Universitat de Lleida)
From culture to creativity: what opportunities are there for small and medium sized cities?

Ralf Ebert (Director of STADTart, Lecturer in Town Planning Technische Univesität Dortmund)
Creativity in city development: What makes the difference?

Jean-Louis Bonnin (Cultural Advisor to the mayor of Nantes)
Nantes: a creative city? Cultural clusters and the ‘quartier de la
création’ in the territorial economic development

Round Table:
Creativity in intermediate cities. Case studies in Spain:
San Sebastián – Kepa Korta (director – coordinator of the San Sebastián Strategic Plan, Basque Country) (presentation)
Olot – Anna Torrent (Culture Councillor, Olot City Council, Catalonia) (presentation)

Friday, 17 September
Creativity and urban regeneration: a critical revision

Graeme Evans (Director of Cities Institute, London Metropolitan University)
Creative Cities, Creative Spaces and Urban Policy

Francesco Gastaldi (Researcher in Town Planning, Instituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia)
Large events and the process of urban regeneration in Genoa

Round table
New perspectives for the creation of urban spaces
Judith Albors (Arquitecturas colectivas) (presentation)