Conceived in the year 1982 as a debate forum about Catalan and local urban issues, the conference soon expanded achieving international significance and it became one of the most important meetings about urban issues in Spain.

The Urban Studies Week is organised by the following institutions:

  • Geography and Sociology Department, University of Lleida
  • La Paeria, Lleida’s City Council
  • Association of Catalan Architects
  • Association of Catalan Technical Architects

Director: Josep M. Llop Torné
Coordinators: Joan Ganau Casas, Carme Bellet Sanfeliu
Conference board: Lluís Claverol,  Pere Folguera, Ramiro Muñoz,  David Pàmpols,  Andreu Muñoz,  Montse Giné
Technical Secretary: Daniel Paül, Aaron Gutiérrez