Previous Conferences

Previously, the Urban Studies Week has had the following features:

1. Quality. Previous conferences have had some of the most important international experts in cities and urban planning. On the other hand, the conference publications have showed this quality becoming important academic works.

2. Coordination between different institutions. The Urban Studies Week is possible thanks to the coordination of four institutions of Lleida:
•    Geography and Sociology Department, University of Lleida
•    The Paeria, Lleida’s City Council
•    Association of Catalan Architects
•    Association of Catalan Technical Architects

The good level of coordination and the specific input of each institution explain why this conference has been successful for over twenty years now.

3. The combination between theory and applied science, which has its origin in the different backgrounds of the organising committee. This combination has given a different characteristic to the Urban Studies Week which has allowed the interchange of ideas between academia and the professional world by sharing their different points of view.

4. The relationship between the different topics discussed and the diverse issues the city of Lleida has had during the conference’s time. It has been a main objective to link the topics discussed in the conference with punctual issues of the city of Lleida. Some examples are:

The conference focused in historical parts of the city was the inspiration to start an urban intervention at Lleida’s city centre. The meeting focused on open spaces coincided with the elaboration of Lleida’s open spaces plan. The conference that focused on medium size cities was the starting point of an ambitious project which lead to the creation of the first UNESCO chair about medium size cities.

The 8th edition, which mainly focused about the relationship between universities and cities, was held while a new campus was being build at the Cappont neighbourhood of Lleida and while the city decided that a scientific park should be an strategic option to strengthen its food and agriculture industry.
The last edition was about social housing, and it was held when access to housing had become a primordial problem in Spain and many European countries and new solutions had to be sought to guarantee a fundamental right people have.