Subjects Treated

1st Urban Studies Week, Lleida from 22nd to 26th March, 1982.
Title- Urban Studies in Lleida

Themes – The different subjects analysed were: A study of various urban and historical aspects of the city of Lleida; An analysis of the work of Josep Lladonosa, the city’s historian; An analysis of how the written press has treated the problem of urbanisation; The urbanistic model of the city, and; The historic centre and image of the city.
Publication: Estudis urbans a Lleida, Lleida, Estudi General de Lleida-Ajuntament de Lleida, 1982.

2nd Urban Studies Week, Lleida from 2nd to 5th May, 1984
Title- “Small and medium sized cities in Catalonia”

Themes – An interdisciplinary analysis of the evolution and problems of Catalonia’s small and medium-sized cities over the last few decades. The different presentations were grouped together in four theme blocks: Economic and demographic growth as factors that structure urban growth; Urban planning in small and medium-sized cities; Land ownership and real estate development, and; Different sources for studying urban growth.
Publication: Les ciutats petites i mitjanes a Catalunya, evolució recent i problemàtica actual, Barcelona, Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya, 1987.

3rd Urban Studies Week, Lleida from 6th to 10th October, 1986.
Title- “Urban history and interventions in the historic centre”

Themes – Analysis and debate concerning historic centres from two different perspectives: on one hand, reflection about the origin and development of the city and urban form and, on the other, an analysis of (English, Belgian and Spanish) case studies, with specific reference to a series of problems, proposals and alternatives.
Publication: Història Urbana i intervenció en el Centre Històric, Barcelona, Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya, 1989.

4th Urban Studies Week, Lleida, 1989
Title- “City and commerce”

Themes – A study of urban commercial structures, commercial urbanism and an analysis of a number of specific projects, both in consolidated urban centres and in new peripheral areas.

5th Urban Studies Week, Lleida, 1992
Title- “City and free spaces”

Themes – Making a deeper analysis of the public use of free spaces, from various different perspectives, including their design and use, and contributing elements for the evaluation of these spaces within the urban fabric.
Publication: Ciutat i espais lliures, Lleida, Edicions de la Universitat de Lleida, 1996.

6th Urban Studies Week, Lleida from 16th to 20th October, 1995
Title- “The fragmented city: social groups, quality of life and participation”

Themes – Analysis of the city as a complex social polyhedron, made up of social groups with different interests that have unequal influences upon and access to urban decisions and policies. The subjects examined included: growing social diversity and the problems deriving from it; the participation of citizens in planning processes, and; quality of life in cities.
Publication: La ciutat fragmentada: grups socials, qualitat de vida i participació ciutadana, Lleida, Edicions de la Universitat de Lleida, 1998.

7th Urban Studies Week, Lleida from 30th March to 3rd April, 1998.
Title – “Intermediate cities and world urbanisation”

Themes: Intermediate cities in the light of the accelerated process of world urbanisation. A comparative analysis of the role of these cities in different contexts and socio-economic and cultural frameworks. Their capacity to balance territory and their weight within the urban network, etc… Urban sustainability policies in medium-sized cities.
Publication: Ciutats intermèdies i urbanització mundial, Lleida, Editorial Milenio, 2000.

8th Urban Studies Week, Lleida from 10th to 14th April, 2000
Title – University cities and urban campuses

Themes: Analysing the role of universities as elements that dynamise the urban environment and help to structure city projects, both from the social and economic perspective and also with respect to urbanism and the way in which university campuses fit into the urban setting. The subjects treated are all related to relations between urban and university life, the economic impact of universities on cities and their regions, different urbanistic proposals for university campuses and the role that universities play in relation to some city projects
Publication: Ciudad y universidad. Ciudades universitarias y campus urbanos, Lleida, Editorial Milenio, 2006.

9th Urban Studies Week, Lleida from 16th to 20th october, 2006
Title – H
ousing and society: new demands, new instruments

The 9th edition of the Urban Studies Weeks wishes to takle the complex subject of housing, approaching it from a number of different angles. On one hand, the meeting seeks to analyse the new housing needs generated by a changing society, like our own, and the eternal difficulties involved in getting access to housing. On the other hand, we shall examine public housing policy and the construction of social housing and explore new ways of ensuring the construction of dignified housing that is also affordable and sustainable. As in previous editions of these meetings, we shall try to combine the identification of existing problems with the search for appropriate solutions.
Publication: Vivienda y sociedad. Nuevas demandas, nuevos instrumentos, Lleida, Editorial Milenio, 2008.